Meet Tolulope 😊

My name is Tolulope, I'm a product designer with 3 years of experience in designing both consumer and enterprise products. I have extensive knowledge of UX best practices from the ground up. In addition to being a product designer, I’ve had training in product management, and front-end development. This enables me to understand, communicate and make insightful decisions/contributions to defining the 'what' as well as the 'how'. I thrive best in helping to define the requirements, not just translating them into designs.

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Before Product Design
I started my journey as an Agricultural Engineer at IITA, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I've always had the desire to improve agriculture in Nigeria and Africa at large. I believe it's one of the many solutions to improving our economy.

I had an idea about design while I was in the university, so, while working in IITA, I was also working as a design intern in one of the foremost design studios in Ibadan. My passion and strong interest in creativity eluded the former. So, that was the inception of my full transition into Design. Nonetheless, I still have future plans for agriculture😊.

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Outside Design

When I'm not looking for ways to better my users' experiences, I'm either reading, trying out a new recipe, watching a movie, listening to a podcast, spending time with family.

I also have experience working on front-end development projects which have allowed me to develop a holistic view of the product lifecycle, as well as what goes into creating a successful product (e.g., UX, UI, design, front-end development).

In the spirit of giving back;

-I mentor junior designers via ADPList and DesignLab.

-Share helpful design tips on my social media platform.

-Help junior designers leverage skills through hands-on projects.

I’m also passionate about Minimalism, Simplified UI, Front-end Development Frameworks and AI.

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