Designing an easy, fast, no-code way to quickly launch a fully customisable crypto exchange online within minutes.

Simpa is a white label product that allows anyone to launch a crypto exchange without coding. It can be described as the "shopify for crypto exchange". Some of the goals were to;

  • Build a central hub to help people launch and manage their crypto trading business. 
  • Allow anyone to easily launch and manage a crypto platform end to end. i.e selling and buying of crypto, analytics. 
  • Empower P2P merchants with simpler, efficient, more controlled platform for P2P transactions. 
  • Provide an analytics dashboard for transactions. 

Simpa will create better business relationship between merchants and their customers by building trust.

This is a Figma prototype showing a brief walkthrough of SIMPA ONBOARDING.

My Role

I was heavily involved in everything UX; User-flows to Prototypes; Usability Test and Refinement. 

The team was made up of myself, as the Product Designer, a Product Manager, a Front-End/ Back-end Developer.

Each team member took full responsibility over their area of expertise.


Discovery, ideation, user flows, end-to-end prototype & testing

Ideation, Research, Usability testing, UX design, UI design, Usability Testing.

8 weeks to design for both Mobile and Web, as well as the Marketing Website.


Product Manager, Front-End Developers, Backend Developers.

The Problem Space

Crypto exchange is growing at an alarming rate, Nigeria's monthly P2P (form of exchange) volume in 2021 was $33.1 million, up from $25.8 million in 2020. This is a 28 per cent increase over the previous year. Despite the crypto restrictions, Nigerians' crypto trading volumes have only increased. Nonetheless, P2P merchants/traders face a lot of challenges which includes;

P2P merchants have highly complained of lack of brand positioning and limited brand reach due to manual method, high competition on exchange platforms and lack of website to direct their traffic to.

Crypto exchange websites are expensive to build.

Manual exchange of P2P transactions is cumbersome and time consuming

There have been numerous cases where the second party (customers) refuses to send the equivalent cryptocurrencies after confirmation of cash payment.


Our High-level Goals

Easily Customisable Website

Merchants will be able to create a customisable exchange with easy and few steps.

Free for Merchants

Basic features of SIMPA will be free for merchants.

Intuitive Dashboard

Merchants will have access to trade data in clear and concise representation.

Fast Transaction Time

Transaction time for accepting and completing orders will be fast with efficient infrastructure integrations.

Research validated our Insights

I further analysed the research data gathered by the marketing team to find out who and what the users’s preferences are. Our target audience are classified into two major groups, 

  • The direct users(Merchants) 
  • Indirect users (End users).

Please note that in this casestudy, I'd be focusing on the Merchant side solution to the problem.

As a merchant, I would love to host my own websites automate my exchange trades. But developers are currently charging what I cannot afford.

As a P2P trader, I need a better visualisation and simplification of my trade data.

There have been numerous cases where the second party (customers) refuses to send me the equivalent cryptocurrencies after confirmation of cash payment. This is really frustrating.

VP of Marketing, Example

Our Merchant

From the insights and data gathered, I was able to come up with the user persona and prioritize features to support them. 

Defining User tasks for MVP

Traders want services that are fast, easy, and reliable. For the SIMPA to get adopted, it has to be easy to use, and give a feeling of safety to users.

We brainstormed and produced multiple different design ideas and finally pulled out different features that should be focused on for MVP.

Information Architecture did some magic

Creating the information architecture of the product made it much easier mapping out the user journey.

Visualising the User Journey

The user journey highlights key path of users from clicking the signup button to creating an exchange on SIMPA.

Visualising the Experience

Merchant Website

When a user visits a merchants website, they are welcome with a minimal, intuitive and clean interfacing guiding them through what they need to do on the website.

Each website comes with 

  • Customisable color palettes, 
  • Business name
  • Business description
  • Supported Currencies 

Merchant Dashboard

The Merchant dashboard enables traders to monitor and manage their trades in one place. It shows 

  • Trade volume
  • Merchant Orders
  • Pairs
  • Balances

In addition to this, it has a link that automatically redirects to the merchants website.

Read more in case study presentation.

I've extensively detailed the processes, refinement based on usability tests, and the key metrics of this project. If you've enjoyed it so far and would love to read more and discuss about it, please fill the form and I will get in touch with you.

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